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I have worked in the building industry for 40 years as a Carpenter, Building Supervisor, Building inspector and now for 10 years as a thermal performance assessor. I personal have done over 15,000 assessments and supervised 45,000 others, in BERS 3.1 & 3.2, BERS PRO 4.1 & 4.2, Firstrate 4 & 5 and the Deemed to Satisfy requirements of the BCA & NCC. Have attended BCA & BSA committees and am a member of the Master Builders IBC, HIA, BDAQ, BDAV and hold a diploma of structural engineering, Cert IV of Building, Certificate of Accreditation with the BDAV, Certificates for BERS 3.1, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2 & firstrate4 & 5. I own and operate Q-Bears Pty Ltd and Australian Building Energy Solutions Pty Ltd, between which over 60,000 assessments have been provided.

Q. Where do I buy Enviro-Duct batts A. This type of insulation is sold directly from the manufacturer – Enviro-Duct insulation ‘Tom Riley’ 07 5476 3380 or 0451 564 096

Q.Where can I find out about the Queensland relaxations for the DTS. A. Just google “QDC MP 4.1″ and this will take you to the web page with the full QLD relaxation and requirements of that relaxation. ( the link to this web site can be found in my “useful … Continue reading

Q.   Why must I do either a 12 Sq m covered patio or a 1kW solar photovoltaic power panel on the roof of my dwelling to achieve the 6 star DTS requirements. A.    The requirements of the 2011 DTS will cost between $20,000.00 & $30,000.00 extra on the cost of … Continue reading

Energy Efficiency, Computer Simulation and Building Certification

Certifiers (A1BS) are reporting some discrepancy in relation to Energy Efficiency compliance between computer simulation assessments and design details, on building application plan and specification. Currently any person, for example, who does a BERS course (becoming an accredited Simulator); can provide House Energy Rating (HER) simulation certificates. Energy efficiency simulation … Continue reading