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Q. Where do I buy Enviro-Duct batts

A. This type of insulation is sold directly from the manufacturer – Enviro-Duct insulation ‘Tom Riley’ 07 5476 3380 or 0451 564 096

Q.Where can I find out about the Queensland relaxations for the DTS.

A. Just google “QDC MP 4.1″ and this will take you to the web page with the full QLD relaxation and requirements of that relaxation. ( the link to this web site can be found in my “useful links page.

Q.   Why must I do either a 12 Sq m covered patio or a 1kW solar photovoltaic power panel on the roof of my dwelling to achieve the 6 star DTS requirements.

A.    The requirements of the 2011 DTS will cost between $20,000.00 & $30,000.00 extra on the cost of the dwelling, therefore the Queensland government has allowed a relaxation to apply to these dwelling. If one or the other of these relaxations is installed/built onto the dwelling then the 2009 DTS rules can then be applied to the dwelling’s assessment saving all the extra cost associated with the 2011 DTS requirements.


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